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Beaches of Camaret

The joys of a holiday in Brittany

In Camaret-sur-Mer, you can enjoy a range of landscapes and different activities across five sandy beaches. 

At the gateway to the municipality, Kerloc'h Beach offers a superb view on the rocky point in a “ruinform” shape, called the “Château de Dinan”.

Within immediate reach of the town itself, Le Corréjou is a highly frequented family beach. An incline ramp provides access for people in wheelchairs.

Between the Pointe du Toulinguet and the cliffs of Pen-Hir, the dunes and the beach of Pen-Had provide a superb panorama. Ideal for lazing around and sunbathing, this beach is also subject to the phenomenon known as “baïnes” (strong and unpredictable currents that intermittently occur) which can make it dangerous. There is therefore a chance that swimming may be prohibited, but it is highly prized by surfers.

Around 1.5 km from the town centre, the southerly-facing Veryac'h Beach is a charming beach.  It is also home to a succession of small natural creeks that are accessible at low tide. 

Heading towards Roscanvel, Trez-Rouz Beach (named after the Breton word for red sand) provides a lovely view of the port of Camaret.