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Armorique Regional Park

At the heart of Brittany’s Finistère department

The territory of the municipality of Camaret-sur-Mer is part of the Armorique Regional Natural Park. It consists of a wide array of landscapes, environments and activities that are typical of the diversity of landscape, ecology, economy and culture of Brittany.

From west to east, this territory covers several distinct areas:
•    The islands of the Iroise Sea
•    The Crozon peninsular
•    The estuary of the River Aulne
•    The Monts d’Arée

The objectives of the Armorique Regional Natural Park are to:
•    participate in economic and social development;
•    recognise, protect, promote and pass on the natural heritage (deepening and dissemination of knowledge of the natural environment, fauna and flora), as well as the cultural heritage (Breton cultural identity);
•    share its objectives with inhabitants and elected officials.