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Sea-life discovery park in Brest

Océanopolis is a sea-life centre located close to the pleasure port in Brest. The first building is shaped like a crab.

Designed by the architect Jacques Rougerie, Océanopolis was opened in 1990 and entirely renovated in 2000. It is a space dedicated exclusively to the sea, its economy, its ecology as well as scientifically approaching it. 

There are 50 aquariums to see, ranging in volume from 50 litres to 1,000,000 litres for the shark tank. These different tanks are complemented by interactive terminals, videos and displays teaching about the sea as well as how to protect it. As a logical means of presenting the maritime world, the centre is split into three pavilions, each dedicated to a different climate – temperate, polar and tropical. Using this approach, you can discover 10,000 animals in this complex.