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Ushant Island

The jewel of the Iroise Sea

Ushant, known as Ouessant in French, is the seventh biggest island in France by size. Located 20 km from the west coast of Finistère, it is 8 km long and 4 km wide, and is the most westerly landmass of Metropolitan France.

Ushant is shaped like a crab’s claw, with the west of the island splitting off into two points. The Pointe de Pern to the north and the Pointe de Porz Doun to the south surrounds the Baie de Lampaul. To the east, the Baie du Stiff is the only area easily accessible by sea, with the Baie de Lampaul and the small port of Arland.

The island is separated from the Molène archipelago by the Passage du Fromveur, a cold and powerful sea current (8 to 10 knots) resulting in a 60 m-deep local rift. The island is surrounding by several small islands, including the Île de Keller to the north.

Ushant traditionally marks the southern gateway to the English Channel (with the Isles of Scilly providing the northern gateway).