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Resort opening onto the Baie de Douarnenez

With magnificent landscapes and a rich heritage, Crozon-Morgat is a place worth exploring for its natural and cultural attractions. 

Things to discover include:
•    remarkable fauna (including red-billed choughs and peregrine falcon) and flora (including blue thistles and orchids);
•    the charming seaside villas such as those in the villages of the Cap de la Chèvre (such as Rostudel and Menesguen) or the Rade de Brest (Saint-Driec and Rostellec);
•    the small port of Le Fret and its traditional coast;
•    a rich heritage spanning history (with menhirs, dolmens, manors and fortifications, lime kilns and windmills) and religion (such as the altarpiece of the 10,000 martyrs at the Saint-Pierre church, the chapels, fountains and calvaries);
•    60 km of coastline, with 12 km of beaches;
•    excellent spots for water sports (such as La Paule and Lostmarch).

Don't miss the Cap de la Chèvre, the Pointe de Dinan, the port of Le Fret, Saint-Pierre church, the villages of Rostudel, the Morgat sea caves and the Maison des Minéraux museum.