Heading for Brittany

The Hotel de France and its horizons escape

Finistère to discover

Our hotel in Camaret-sur-Mer on the Crozon peninsula invites you to discover wild and authentic Brittany. The peninsula at the end of the world, marked by the imprint of Vauban, offers remarkable natural and cultural treasures. It's a real paradise for those who love the sea and the land. You can admire the incredible panoramas from its peaks and coastline on foot or by bike.

When you stay at the Hôtel de France, you'll have plenty of time to get away from it all, taking advantage of beautiful escapes in Finistère (where the sea ends) or enjoying the activities of your choice.

On the Crozon peninsula


In the far west of the Crozon peninsula, the commune of Camaret-sur-Mer spreads out its three rocky points.

Opposite the Hôtel de France

The Vauban Tower

The Vauban Tower is a defensive tower built to a master plan by Vauban and erected on the Sillon in Camaret-sur-Mer.

Holiday happiness in Brittany

The beaches of Camaret

In Camaret-sur-Mer, five sandy beaches offer different landscapes and activities.

South-west of Camaret-sur-Mer

The Pointe de Pen-Hir

The pointe de Pen-Hir (in Breton Beg Penn Hir) is a headland in Brittany on the Crozon peninsula.

Discover the heights of Camaret

Megalithic alignments at Lagatjar

The standing stones at the tip of the Crozon peninsula bear witness to human settlement dating back more than 2,500 years.

An island out of time and out of the world

The island of Sein

The island of Sein, out of time and out of the world, is a unique place, isolated in its reef gangue and its sea spray.

A water sports paradise

Brest harbour

The Bay of Brest is linked to the Iroise Sea by a 1.8 km wide passage called the Brest Narrows.

Ocean discovery park in Brest


Océanopolis is a scientific culture centre dedicated to the oceans, located in Brest near the marina.

The jewel of the Iroise Sea

Ushant Island

Are you ready to set sail for the island at the end of the world, the last land of Brittany before America?

Station overlooking the Bay of Douarnenez


Between Nature and Culture, the Crozon-Morgat area is a "territory to share".

In the heart of Finistère in Brittany

Armorique Regional Park

Unique in Brittany, in the heart of Finistère, the Park's territory stretches from the Monts d'Arrée to the coastline of the Crozon peninsula.

One of the highest points in Brittany

Le Menez Hom

Menez Hom is one of Brittany's highest peaks. It rises 330 m above the Crozon peninsula.